Although Cathe Physioc has worked with and directed some of the top professional photographers in Los Angeles since 1982, she didn’t actually pick up a camera herself seriously until she moved to Santa Fe, New Mexico in 2008. It was love at first click. Her passion for the outdoors and travel, her keen design eye and artistic talent and a love of  ‘story-telling’ are the inspiration for this photographic portfolio.


“My timeline goes something like this… In my twenties I was an award-winning fine artist, an illustrator and an actress in front of the camera. In my thirties I was a working mom and designer/illustrator. In my forties I went behind the camera as an art director, designer and stylist. In my fifties I reinvented myself as an artist, designer and art director in the digital age. And now, I have combined these years of experience in the art field with my latest passion – photography.”

Cathe Physioc